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Monday, 12/31/2012 - 07:42 am EST

Obama Says He's Never Compared Himself To Lincoln. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

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Remember when I wrote about that endangered thing called the TRUTH in a post yesterday?

Yeaaaaaaaah.  The truth.  Dear Leader seems to have a hard time with that, apparently.

Take a recent interview with David Gregory, where Gregory asked, "Is this your Lincoln moment?"  Of course, the question came up, because there's a movie out about Lincoln, and we all know that Obama and Hollywood are basically one and the same to the American lamestream media.  

Obama responded, "Well, no.  Look, a) I never compare myself to Lincoln.  And b) obviously the magnitude of the issues is quite different from the Civil War and slavery.  The point, thought, is democracy has always been messy.  We're a big diverse country that is constantly sort of arguing about all kinds of stuff.  But eventually, we do the right thing."

We're constantly "sort of arguing about stuff," y'all.  Just FYI.

Anywho....Dear Leader must have amnesia or something, because he compared himself to Lincoln this time (right after he compared himself to Martin Luther King).  There's this nifty new thing called video technology, and it was caught on tape:

Don't even get me started on the self-comparisons to FDR and Reagan.  Or Lyndon Johnson.  I almost forgot about that one for a second.

And if his comparisons to Lincoln aren't enough, he'd REALLY like the GOP to be more like Lincoln, too.  Just FYI.  

But I should be fair here.  In another moment in his forgetful narcissism, he did give Lincoln credit by placing him above him on the "best presidents ever" list, making himself number FOUR, of course:

None of these comparisons (that he claims didn't occur, of course) are surprising, though, seeing as how Obama and his buddies have appended "all of the official online biographies of nearly every president over the last century in order to link President Obama's accomplishments to the former commanders in chief.

Because of COURSE they appended them.

And just like Benghazi and Fast and Furious and Dear Leader singlehandedly steamrolling the U.S. Constitution, that whole Lincoln comparison didn't happen.  Nope.  Poof!  Gone.  Nothing to see here, folks.  If Obama said it didn't happen, then we all just need to shake our heads and take him at his word, right?  

I just saw my brain AGAIN from rolling my eyes.


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