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Sunday, 12/30/2012 - 03:20 pm EST

Why Truth Is Paramount.

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When I was a kid, I was taught to tell the truth above all else.  My parents were not overly strict as I recall - they were basically sticklers on two main things - grades and honesty.  They knew my sister and I were capable of doing well academically, so that was a clear expectation in my house.  And when it came to lying? Lying was the worst of all offenses.  It simply wasn't tolerated, and I suppose that's stuck with me.  I don't have much of a filter.  And I'm not interested in getting one OR wearing one over my eyes, for that matter.  

I'm one of those chicks who believes - as hokey as it sounds - that the truth truly does set you free.  It's the foundation of any relationship worth having.  If someone lies to me, that person is on my sh*t list forever.  I know what God wants me to do - forgive.  I get that.  But I'm a flawed human, and yeah - I'll forgive the best that I can, but I'll never forget.  It's my tragic flaw.  So when others try to tell me to be something other than me?  When they try to change who I am, which is - in essence - asking me to LIE?  

I subsequently want to tell those people to please purchase some sort of life already.

As we've mentioned before, Mock and I get a lot of crap for, well, being ourselves.  Take today, for example.  A predictable bunch of "conservative" chicks came to our Facebook page and yelled at us about using the word "boobs."  The word is offensive to many out there in the blogosphere, apparently.  It's classless, we've learned.  And something that 'dumb blondes' say.  That little word - BOOBS - actually made "conservative" people dramatically exit our site.  

We get that a lot.  



These are the same women that aren't NEARLY offended by the LYING that goes on in Washington.  Nah. It's way more fun to shove your head in the sand (when you're not belittling other conservative women, that is) and simply ignore that there are actual problems in this country.  

No, y'all.  The word BOOBS.  The use of that word (THE HORROR) is what a nice chunk of "conservative" women out there are concerning themselves with.  And people wonder why our party blows chunks right now.  

But I digress.

I suppose the culmination of all of the above made the video below  - sent to us by a clever and competent reader - stand out to me today above all the others.  It's profound.  And disturbing.  And TRUE.

You see, sometimes the truth hurts.  And there are those who can look at it head-on, while others choose to shove their heads in the sand about it and pretend they're making a difference by fiddling when Rome burns.  Those people used to amuse me a bit.  But now?  

Now I just feel sorry for them.

The truth in ALL its forms is paramount, y'all.  And no one will ever convince me otherwise.  

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