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Sunday, 12/30/2012 - 07:42 am EST

You'll Never Hear About This Shooting On The "Real News"

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According to this and this, there was a shooting in San Antonio two days after the Newtown shooting. Only you probably didn't hear about it on that "real news" the liberal media likes to pretend that they are.

Jesus Manuel Garcia, 19,  was mad because his girlfriend broke up with him, so naturally, he wanted to kill her.  So on the night of December 17th, he walked into a restaurant where she was and shot her.  Other patrons of that restaurant scattered next door to a theater, and the gunman followed them with the assumed intent to kill even more people.  He even found the time to shoot at a cop car.  

"It's like the Aurora, CO theater story plus a restaurant!"

But - again - you probably didn't hear about it unless you were fishing for the story.  It didn't end up all over the news, and it wasn't really a story other than San Antonio media reporting it locally.  Why, you ask?  

Well, there was an off duty county deputy who happened to be at the theater that night.  And she was armed.  So, she shot the man and stopped him before he could hurt anyone else.  

Two people were wounded.  No one was killed.  

And the moral of this story is....the lamestream media ignores stories like this, because they simply don't fit into their narrative.

Just FYI.


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