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Thursday, 12/27/2012 - 05:26 pm EST

Attention Townspeople - BREAKING NEWS About Bo The Dog And Obama's Raging Hypocrisy.

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Babs showed us another thorough, staggering display of American journalism when she interviewed her two favorite people just in time for Christmas.  And American lemmings learned so many new things about the King and Queen Obamas as a result of her investigative prowess.  OBVIOUSLY.  

One, they have a dog who's getting plush toys this year.  Shhhhh, y'all.  It's a secret. 


And two, Obama and all of his liberal buddies' heads are exploding all over the place because the NRA would like to see armed guards at school.  But let's forget that for a second  Because Obama freely admits that one of his big "incentives" for running for a second term was that he'd be able to hold onto all those armed Secret Service dudes to protect his precious offspring. 

Nice to know that my tax money - once again - is being used for HIS warm and fuzzy feelings of safety, but if I want the same kind of safety for my kid, then I'm a right-wing nutjob who's obviously clinging to my Bible and my guns.

And that pesky Constitution - it's just so silly and outdated.  Just ask Democrat Senator Diane BatcrapCrazy Feinstein.  

Do as they say and not as they do, minions.  Ah yes - the liberal mantra.  

Soak it in, suckers.  Soak it in.


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