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Saturday, 12/08/2012 - 09:17 am EST

Remember All Of The Praise FEMA And Obama Got For Their "Outstanding" Handling Of Hurricane Sandy?

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You guys remember all the FEMA-and-Obama praising that was going on right before the election, yes?  I mean, even Chris Christie got in on the fawning-fest over how awesome Obama handled it....what, with Dear Leader making all of those promises to folks and whatnot.  Christie called Obama's response "outstanding," I think it was.  Because Obama has never promised stuff to people before.

Here's one of those people that he promised stuff to.  With hugs, while cameras were rolling, of course.  



Fast forward to today, when the rose-colored glasses and unicorn-fairy dust seem to be finally falling off of people.  You see, victims of Hurricane Sandy aren't getting what they need - more than the chick above - and promises from Dear Leader and that highly competent government agency called FEMA aren't exactly coming to fruition.  

Consequently, some of the victims are pissed off enough to get a petition started, which asks for King Obama to not take his lavish $4 million holiday vacation, as that money would surely help those in need:

On December 3, 2012, President Obama denied the request of Governor O’Malley and the entire Maryland congressional delegation to award Individual Assistance to Somerset County, Maryland to recover from Hurricane Sandy.

Somerset County is Maryland’s poorest county. The towns of Crisfield, Fairmount, and Deal Island were devastated by the hurricane, with flood waters causing widespread damage. These poor, working waterfront communities were already fragile from the decline of the seafood industry. Super Storm Sandy left them with no where to turn except FEMA for assistance.

For the $4 million it will cost taxpayers for the President to vacation in Hawaii, we could rebuild Somerset County. The President should stay home and send our tax money to Somerset County to rebuild.

I personally think this is a STELLAR idea.  And I'd love to see how the liberals out there who have been screaming, "But he DESERVES a vacation with his family at the holidays!" feel about said idea.  I mean, after all, he's the King of Compassion and giving and charity, right?  

So this shouldn't be an issue for him at all.   Mr. Nice Guy.

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