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Friday, 12/07/2012 - 12:50 pm EST

Liberals Are STOKED About Job Numbers, Y'all. So Let's Talk About Them, Shall We?

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If you're like me, you have some liberal friends out there in Facebook-land who have seriously peed themselves with excitement over the latest job numbers.  The unemployment rate fell to 7.7%, everyone!  


Oh wait - there's more?  But the puppeteers at MSNBC and CBS and ABC and all of the other lamestream media outlets are merely talking about how awesomely non-sucky this new little number is and, of course, how Dear Leader's policies have finally turned the country around.

Uh huh.

Here's the reality.  Retail saw the biggest gain, which is expected with all the holiday hoopla, in addition to "Professional and Business services and Administrative and Waste services."  But construction?  20K more jobs were lost last month.

The real kicker that no one is talking about?  73% of the new jobs are GOVERNMENT jobs.  I'll repeat that.  Almost THREE FOURTHS of those jobs "created" are not in the private sector, but our ever-growing government.

I'll let you chew on that for a second.

In June, a total of 142,415,000 people were employed in the U.S, according to the BLS, including 19,938,000 who were employed by federal, state and local governments.

By November, according to data BLS released today, the total number of people employed had climbed to143,262,000, an overall increase of 847,000 in the six months since June.

In the same five-month period since June, the number of people employed by government increased by 621,000 to 20,559,000. These 621,000 new government jobs created in the last five months equal 73.3 percent of the 847,000 new jobs created overall.


But liberals don't care.  In fact, most of the ones I know are rejoicing and using this "improvement" as fuel for their "Obama's AWESOME, you meanie Republicans!" fire.  I mean, a job is a job, right?  No matter that three-fourths of what they claim are shiny NEW JOBS are actually positions that are paid for by taxpayers, and directly contributing to a more overgrown and out-of-control government.

Because screw the private sector and the free market.  

And screw reality.

FORWARD, Amerika!

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