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Thursday, 12/06/2012 - 10:58 am EST


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Those of you who've been around these parts a while know that we're big fans of filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch, who produced and directed They Come To America - a fantastical documentary about illegal immigration.  It is a must see. 

At this very minute, DML is busy working on filming They Come To America 2, and you can get a first peek at it right here:

Glenn Beck has teamed up with Hollywood's own Vince Vaughn to produce a reality-show style competition to find the next great documentary filmmaker.  Dennis has decided to submit an application which I think is complete awesomesauce.  If They Come To America 2, which will focus on how terrorists are coming across our borders, is even a fraction as good as the first film, I cannot, for the life of me, see how he can possibly lose.
If you haven't seen the first one yet, OMG WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  Go here.  Do it now.  You'l find all sorts of information there about how you can see the film, and you'll get updates on the They Come To America 2.
I CANNOT WAIT to see this.
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