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Thursday, 12/06/2012 - 08:06 am EST

Stop Nitpicking, And Start Doing Something Constructive, Will Ya?

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This morning, I was driving into work, and I was listening to a recap of last night's O'Reilly Factor.  He had Mike Huckabee on his show to discuss that pastor in Little Rock, Arkansas, who cancelled a performance of "Charlie Brown Christmas" because a bunch of atheists (who call themselves "free thinkers") got their panties all up in an offended wad, and basically shut down, ONCE AGAIN, the whole notion of what they claim to be all about - "FREE THINKING."

Immediately, my blood pressure rose a bit.  It really irked me.  Not because this is happening ALL THE TIME now.  Not because atheists don't like the mention of God and Jesus Christ and Christianity in general, but because the pastor BACKED DOWN and let the atheist "free thinkers" win their stupid little fight against, well, FREE THINKING.  As well as Christianity.  It irked me that he didn't want to cause a fuss.  It irked me that he rolled over.  It IRKED ME that he canceled the performance, because it was the polite, Christian thing to do, frankly.

It irked me that he did this, because he was buying into the bullshit notion of political correctness.

And yes, I just said the word bullshit, and I'm also a Christian.  


Huckabee reiterated this notion - only he didn't say the word bullshit, mind you.  You see, it's a FACT that conservative Christians have this mindset that they have to be polite all the time.  Reserved.  Take the "high road."  Never fight.  Always take the peaceful route.  Be a "certain way."  Talk a "certain way."  

I just happen to be one of those Christians who disagrees with this, and Mock is, too.  I happen to think that when Christians buy into this bullshit (whoopsie - said it again), then they don't honor the God in whom they believe.  But that's just me.

While listening to Huckabee and O'Reilly ponder the notion that maybe - just MAYBE - Christian conservatives need to stop ROLLING OVER all the time on issues such as this to actually preserve our religious freedoms - I received a text message from Mock.  We text back and forth quite a bit, mainly because we're both rushing around like chickens with our heads cut off most days, trying to juggle our families, our demanding day jobs, our website, and our Facebook page, while also attempting to have some semblance of actual LIVES, while simultaneously retaining our sanity.  You know.

Anywho, she texted that we had some chicks on our Facebook page that - ONCE AGAIN - didn't like the way that we were talking.  Specifically, we were getting crap about not being polite, not being "mature," and somehow "detracting from our message" by, well, BEING OURSELVES.  This is becoming more and more common, as our site grows.  These messages happened to be related to a post she put up this morning that people didn't seem to want to read before they commented on it.  She responded in her usual snarky manner, and we got this in response:

I think our "message" has been lost somewhere in translation, and I'd like to offer my two cents on the matter, as I'm one of two women who STARTED THIS SITE and I know damn well what our message really is.   Our message is simply put in our tagline....we want to give conservatism a makeover.  And that makeover doesn't necessarily mean that we want to slap some lipstick on the Republican party.  Actually, we'd like for the Republican party to take the huge POLE OUT OF ITS BUTT.  We'd like for conservatives to stop being raging wussies, stop focusing on stupid, meaningless, petty crap, and start waking up to the fact that WE ARE LOSING A WAR HERE.  I mean, can you not see that, people?  Can you not see, after two lost elections, that we are playing defense?  Can you not see how we're painted by the mainstream media on a daily basis?  Can you not see that we're losing the battle from a social media perspective?  

Seriously - how can you not see this?  And moreover, can you not see WHY?

The types of messages above are part of that WHY, FYI.  And here's an interesting tidbit about said problem.  In four years of running this site, do you know who's given us crap about who we are and how we present ourselves?  Liberals, predictably yes, but CONSERVATIVE WOMEN are the biggest culprits next to liberals.  Yep.  Conservative women are the WORST, y'all.   We've experienced all sorts of venom, and some of the most poisonous has been from conservative women - who, like our liberal foes - like to try to tell us how we should talk, should act, and should be.

We're portrayed as uptight beeyotches by the media, and wouldn't you know it - a lot of us are truly uptight beeyotches.  Go figure. And I believe that the treatment between women in our party is one of the biggest reasons for our overall weakness, frankly.    

You see, by Mock and I SIMPLY BEING OURSELVES and working our asses off every day for the past four years (without getting paid, mind you) to make a difference in the party that has LOST THE LAST TWO ELECTIONS, conservative women tell us that we're acting like a "bunch of liberals."  We're an "embarrassment" (spelled with an "i" mind you).  To which I'd like to respond - WHAT HAVE YOU DONE LATELY FOR THE CAUSE?  Honestly.  What have you done to make a difference in our party today?  This week?  This past year?  Or is it just easier to be an armchair quarterback and tell women who ARE trying to make a difference for their country...for their CHILDREN...that they're simply not using the right semantics while they do so?

You're SERIOUSLY going to lecture us on semantics at this crucial time in our country?  Really?

If that's indeed what you're hell-bent on doing - which seems to be the case by so many on our side of the fence - then YOU are the ones who are acting like childish liberals.  It's a fact that liberals looooooooove semantics.  After all, they take away from what's really happening in our country.  They deflect from REALITY.

I mean, you might as well just call us raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacists.  It's the same type of garbage disguised as an argument.

Here's reality.  Mock and I happen to believe in personal responsibility, the U.S. Constitution, paying our own way, American exceptionalism, 'live free or die,' and in God, just to name a few.  We believe in FREEDOM.  We believe that we all are given the same opportunity in this amazing country of ours to be the best we can possibly be.  We believe in the American individual within the framework of a free republic that ENHANCES that individual.  We believe in very different things that liberals do.  Which is why we do what we do, every day, day in and day out, much to the dismay of liberals.  And - oh yeah - other "conservative" women.

We think that political correctness and an INSANE amount of emphasis on semantics are, again, bullshit.

We say things in a way that many conservatives aren't used to, apparently.  And THAT, my friends, is where our makeover is.  

Not that I owe anyone an explanation or anything, but we are polite every day in our day jobs, if that helps you sleep at night.  We are professional and mature and grown-up and responsible and avoid talking about politics or religion or anything "controversial" in our day-to-day lives, because we have to.  Which is why our website is so crucial for us - it's why our Facebook page is a personal extension of us as two women who are REAL people, but happen to be conservative women.  These two forums are our OUTLETS.  And put simply, our site is OUR SITE.  Our Facebook page is OUR FACEBOOK PAGE.  And we will say what we want on it until the First Amendment is no longer upheld in this country.  

We sorta like the First Amendment and that thing called the Constitution, if you didn't notice.

And even when the First Amendment is no longer our God-given right when the commie progressives finally get their grand agenda in place (kidding...sorta), I bet we'll both still be talking, and more than likely irritating those who can't see the big freakin' picture here.  Because, I promise you, there is a big picture.  And those of you who like our site, but hate the way we talk and will leave simply BECAUSE of that?  You are clearly incapable of seeing that big picture, and I truly feel sorry for you.

If Mock and I want to say monkeyballs and suckage and facesmash and whatever other words we choose to say, we're going to do it.  If you don't like it, then there are COUNTLESS other sites out there that choose that high road you seem to seek.  We are not in the business of pleasing people, especially those who cannot see - through the rose-colored glasses of political correctness and politeness and "good person" Christianity that dictates that we as Christians must roll over for everyone (Gawd) - what's at stake in our country right now.  We are simply not that site.  We are not those chicks.  And we will never be those chicks, so save your breath.  What you see is what you get, and that's the beauty of America, folks.  We are still allowed to express ourselves in the way that we choose.   

Just as that pastor above is still allowed to present a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.  And the awesomeness of Christmas.  For today, anyway.    

Polite semantics don't win elections.  The words "monkeyballs" and "suckage" and "facesmash" won't be the catalysts for putting a fork in our party, because we're already on the defense, folks.  And being polite and rolling over for liberal agendas to suit some stupid notion of political correctness that we have no business upholding?  That's definitely NOT HELPING US.  

See the linked story above.  We're losing the battle.  WAKE UP, people.

And in this battle, in-fighting and focus on stupid, petty crap will just make our demise that much quicker.  Mock and I are not in the business of losing.  If you are, then find yourself another outlet of polite people who use flowery words and center their sites around the false notion of political correctness.

In the meantime, we'll be over here, ignoring the noise, while trying to MAKE AN ACTUAL DIFFERENCE.

And that's all I have to say about that.  

Well, for today, anyway.

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