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Tuesday, 12/04/2012 - 08:55 pm EST

Planned Parenthood Is Very Proud Of Itself

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According to this, Indiana Planned Parenthood (you know, the one which had Ashley Judd keynote its 80th birthday celebration) is all proud of itself for "paving the way for at least 12 successful adoptions" in the past SEVEN YEARS, you guys.

So, in recognition of National Adoption Month, they want you to know that they have adoption information at their many centers across Indiana, and at THREE locations they even offer "on-site adoption counseling."

Doesn't that just make you want to pat them on the head and give them a cookie?

TWELVE WHOLE ADOPTIONS IN SEVEN YEARS, which they must somehow believe offsets the five thousand two hundred fifty babies they killed, in just 2011 alone.

So, roughly one adoption for every 2625 babies they kill.

This is apparently worthy of mention and celebration, you guys.  And if they offer "on-site adoption counseling" at three of their locations?  I submit to you that those counselors should be fired and replaced, because that kind of record means they ROYALLY SUCK at counseling women on adoption. I'm guessing their shpiel is something like, "So yeah - you can have a complicated, emotional, stressful adoption and have to carry around that unwanted ball of cells for 9 months, or LOOKY HERE!  We can get rid of that pesky baby for you for just a few hundred bucks!  Easy peasy!"

Way to go, Planned Parenthood.  Way to go on your whopping twelve adoptions in 7 years.


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