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Tuesday, 12/04/2012 - 05:54 pm EST

So Disappointed.

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Mr. Mock and I have been supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project for quite some time.  You've probably seen the ads on TV.  Here's the one that got to me the most:

Anyone who's met Junior Mock probably knows why - it's because Alan is like the grown up version of Junior.  Seriously.  This commercial just KILLS ME.

So we were happy to set up a monthly contribution to the WWP, and have supported them for over a year now.
But today, I read this.  And I'm just CRUSHED, you guys.
It turns out, WWP refuses to have anything to do with any organization which is associated with guns, or gun ownership.  They were invited onto the Gun Talk Radio show, and declined the invitation.  The entire email exchange, a MUST READ, is at the sourcelink.
So, when we get our next email from WWP, asking if we want to renew, we'll be declining, and offering a very comprehensive explanation as to why our money will be going to another veterans' organization instead. 
Any recommendations from our clever and competent readers?
UPDATE:  They apparently are feeling the heat.  Make of this what you will!
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