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Tuesday, 12/04/2012 - 08:39 am EST

Um, What Exactly Did He Lose Again, Chris McTingly?

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Ah yes.  MSNBC continues to blatantly LIE out of their collective gaping piehole, while snickering maniacally, and they continue to refer to themselves as "the news."

See this clip of the overgrown Gerbil-Man?  He's gloating about how John Boehner lost.  Which is weird, considering that he, um, DIDN'T, you creepy...beady-eyed...jackwagon.

Behold the absolute and total delusion that liberals lap up like "free" Obamaphones (baaaaaah):

And here's Actual Reality:

99.86%.  That's the percentage of how many votes Boehner received.  But, to McGerbilMan, he LOST.

And his six lobotomized viewers believe this crap.

Alrighty then.

What kills me about this is that liberals make fun of Fox, spew a bunch of talking points from their MSNBC masters about how Republicans are waging wars on women and black people and God-knows-who-else, and then, while unconsciously guzzling more Kool-Aid and undergoing the last of their lobotomy procedures, call this absolute propaganda-garbage NEWS.  

They actually BELIEVE this load of monkey crap.  Just like they believe that healthcare will be free!  free!  FREE!

Someone pass the Satan water, because daaaaaaamn.  

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