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Friday, 11/30/2012 - 01:00 pm EST

So, Apparently I'm Smarter When I'm Sick.

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Remember the other day when I was in a foul and miserable mood because I was all funkified with some sort of headcold funk?  And I told you all that I thought Republicans should just give the Democrats what they want, or vote "present" on whatever tax increases they're trying to get, and just walk away and be done with the fight already?

I know some of y'all were like, "YES!" and others of you were all, "That is the dumbest idea ever."  But since that day, the idea is gaining in popularity, you guys.  And I haven't changed my mind about it all, even though I thought perhaps I would once I felt better.

BEHOLD: a column by Artur Davis, the title of which is, "The Case for Republicans Walking Away from the Budget Talks." And BEHOLD: this video of Charles Krauthammer, who says:

I think the Republicans ought to simply walk away. The president is the president. He's the leader. They are demanding that the Republicans explain all the cuts that they want to make.

We had that movie a year-and-a-half ago where Paul Ryan presented a budget, a serious real budget with real cuts. Obama was supposed to gave speech where he would respond with a counter offer. And what did he do? He gave a speech where he had Ryan sitting in the front row. He called the Ryan proposal un-American, insulted him, offered nothing, and ran on Mediscare in the next 18 months.

And they expect the Republicans are going to do this again? The Republicans are going to walk on this. And I think they have leverage. Yes, for Congressional Democrats it will help them in the future if Republicans absorb the blame because we will have a recession. But Obama is not running again unlike the Congressional Democrats. He's going to have a recession, 9% unemployment, 2 million more unemployed, and a second term that's going to be a ruin. That is not a good proposition if you are Barack Obama.

And BEHOLD:  a transcript of Rush Limbaugh's show yesterday, in which he says:

So what is the leverage that the Republicans have?  To my mind the only leverage they've got is to walk away from this, to stop playing, to stop talking, to stop playing this game.  The Republicans lost.  Now, they still control the House of Representatives. Boehner still runs the show there.  But the only leverage that I can see that they've got is to back out of this and make sure that whatever happens, they don't have any fingerprints on it.

And BEHOLD: this column from the Right Sphere, in which the author states:

We have to fight with the army we have, and right now we don’t have an army. Not in Washington DC, at least. There simply aren’t enough conservatives in positions of power to make anything that would actually work to fix the economy happen. Basically, it’s Paul Ryan and a couple dozen Congressman and Senators who have anything remotely close to a long term solution, but Ryan is the only one with a leadership position and he can’t do squat with Harry Reid as Majority Leader in the Senate.

So what do they do? They’re stuck in a no-win situation. The answer is simple: Give Obama what he wants. All of it. Don’t negotiate. Just say “Put your plan up for a vote and we’ll pass it. You will own everything that happens moving forward. We’ll do it your way.”

So apparently, it wasn't just a headcold talking, you guys.  There are other people far smarter than I am who are suggesting the same thing, which tells me that a) it's a genuinely reasonable course of action and b) I need to get headcolds more often, because it appears that I have greater clarity when under the influence of whiskey Dayquil.

Anyway.  Discuss.


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