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Chicks on the Right
Wednesday, 11/28/2012 - 12:41 pm EST

Obama Traveling And Ignoring The Fiscal Cliff = "Continuing His Conversation With The American People"

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This is RICH, y'all.

Jay Carney was asked by James Rosen why Obama and friends won't just "stay in town and hammer it out and get a deal done" and "why is everyone jumping on their airplane for photo-ops outside of the Beltway." And he answered with one of the most hilariously ridiculous and most meaningless dance-around-the-question responses from his piehole thus far:

Obama is continuing his "conversation with the American people."

Behold the steaming pile of bullsh*t, everyone:

I know it's Mock's turn today to be completely over it, and I'm supposed to be the positive one, but yeeeeeeah.  
We are so screwed.
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