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Tuesday, 11/27/2012 - 11:12 am EST

Have I Mentioned Today How Much The U.N. Sucks Monkeyballs?

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I think it has been a while since I mentioned it, so yeah - the United Nations sucks giant monkeyballs.  

You're welcome.

This week in U.N. suckage news, the power-hungry jackwagons are twirling their collective mustache and trying to figure out a way to control one of the greatest things ever in the history of ever - the Internet.

Because of COURSE they're trying to figure out a way to tax, control, regulate, and destroy it as an obvious result.  That's precisely how they roll.

From the source cited above (emphasis mine):

"Next week the ITU holds a negotiating conference in Dubai, and past months have brought many leaks of proposals for a new treaty. U.S. congressional resolutions and much of the commentary, including in this column, have focused on proposals by authoritarian governments to censor the Internet. Just as objectionable are proposals that ignore how the Internet works, threatening its smooth and open operations," reports the Wall Street Journal.

"Having the Internet rewired by bureaucrats would be like handing a Stradivarius to a gorilla. The Internet is made up of 40,000 networks that interconnect among 425,000 global routes, cheaply and efficiently delivering messages and other digital content among more than two billion people around the world, with some 500,000 new users a day.

"Proposals for the new ITU treaty run to more than 200 pages. One idea is to apply the ITU's long-distance telephone rules to the Internet by creating a 'sender-party-pays' rule. International phone calls include a fee from the originating country to the local phone company at the receiving end. Under a sender-pays approach, U.S.-based websites would pay a local network for each visitor from overseas, effectively taxing firms such as Google and Facebook. The idea is technically impractical because unlike phone networks, the Internet doesn't recognize national borders. But authoritarians are pushing the tax, hoping their citizens will be cut off from U.S. websites that decide foreign visitors are too expensive to serve."

Oh my God.  

These nanny-state-hungry bureaucrats now want to take over the one non-regulated thing we basically have left in the free world?  Come ON.  

Besides little ol' me saying that the UN sucks monkeyballs, Google is one of the biggest voices of opposition to this obvious power grab:

"The ITU is the wrong place to make decisions about the future of the Internet," says Google. "Only governments have a voice at the ITU. This includes governments that do not support a free and open Internet. Engineers, companies, and people that build and use the web have no vote."

You got that right, Google.  Why on earth would an all-important, all-knowing, self-absorbed, out-of-touch, completely INEPT entity like the U.N. need to consult the very people that INVENTED the Internet in order to somehow gain control over it?  Why on God's green earth would they think of consulting the ones who UNDERSTAND how it works and all?

That would just be silly, minions.

And this concludes today's lesson on why the U.N. sucks giant monkeyballs.  


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