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Chicks on the Right
Monday, 11/26/2012 - 11:42 am EST

The More Educated You Are, The Less Freakin Common Sense You Have. Duh.

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See this neat little graphic?  It's something that your Democrat/liberal friends will use on Facebook to gloat about how intellectually superior they are:

According to this source, liberals indeed look at this graphic and think to themselves, "wow...I am so awesome and wicked smart."  After all, they are "rich in degrees, Ivy league diplomas, and money."  They are " and educated, implying that brilliant minds inevitably embrace Progressivism." 

And those of us in the red states?  Dumbasses.  Didn't you know?  Just ask the lamestream media and any one of your liberal friends, if they haven't already answered the question just by their blatant condescension.

Funny thing about being educated in this day and doesn't necessarily mean that you have one freakin' lick of common sense in that big ol' superior brain of yours.

I guess it's all a matter of perspective, really.

Look again at the above graphic.  Take a long, hard look.  Out of the "26 states that gave their electoral votes to Obama, 84% are in debt."  EIGHTY FOUR PERCENT.  In the red.  Can't budget to save their lives.  Are BROKE.

Conversely, only 41% of us hilljack, toothless, uneducated morons in the red states are in debt. 


So let's recap, shall we?  

The more education you have in this country and the more "progressive" you claim to be, the worse you are with numbers.  The worse in debt you are.  And the worse your policies are for the country steering clear of the fiscal cliff.

Budget, shmudget, though.  None of that silly stuff matters when you have your soft pillow of self-importance to rest your head on at night, liberals.  

Good for you.

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