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Tuesday, 11/20/2012 - 07:56 am EST

Lindsey Stone - You're An Idiot. Actions Have Consequences.

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See that picture of Lindsey Stone making a complete idiot out of herself at Arlington Cemetery?

Yeah.  Not only was she dumb enough to take that supremely disrespectful picture and find it amusing, but she was dumb enough to POST IT ON FACEBOOK, you guys.

Veterans were not amused.  At her employer's facebook page, there are 4000+ comments already in response to their message announcing that they were crafting a formal apology. Here's just a tiny smattering:

Is it her employer's fault that she's a moron? No - it's not. And perhaps she's super awesome at taking care of disabled people. Perhaps firing her isn't appropriate. I don't know. I just know that she deserves every ounce of public humiliation and ridicule that is coming her way. Especially since she is still excusing her own behavior.

OBVIOUSLY you meant no disrespect, Lindsey?  OBVIOUSLY?  No.  What's obvious is that you were being COMPLETELY DISRESPECTFUL, in a lame attempt to be funny.  You're spot on about the douchebags part though.

Anyway, hopefully Lindsey will learn something from this, although given her response above I tend to doubt it. 

Look - Daisy and I are as irreverent as they come. We often giggle at completely juvenile things, and act like 12 year olds.  I'm not trying to play some big maturity card here.  I'm just saying that there are lines you don't cross, and to people with Actual Brains, those lines are relatively obvious.


UPDATE:  We are hearing that the person who took the photograph of Lindsey at the cemetery was the CEO of Life.  Wow.

UPDATE #2:  The employer posted this on FB an hour or so ago:

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