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Monday, 11/19/2012 - 08:35 am EST

According To MSNBC Moron, Israel Just Needs To Quit Being Pansies Already, Because Rockets Are "Ineffective"

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I swear, I couldn't MAKE this stuff up if I wanted to, y'all.

So, we all know what's been happening in Israel over the past week.  If you haven't, Google it, and for crying out loud - whatever you do - do NOT rely on your trusty, smarmy, weasely, biased lamestream American media for any REAL information.  First, CNN bought into the notion that a young boy was killed by Israeli air strikes, when in fact, that boy was killed by Hamas.  God forbid they get their story straight when it comes to Israel.  It's all about the narrative, folks.

Then, we have MSNBC teleprompter-drone, Mara Schiavocampo, who had a chat with the Ambassador to Israel, Michael Oren, the other day, where he tried to give her a frame of reference for the situation in Israel right now.  He said that it's like the "equivalanet of about 170 million Americans under bomb shelters." 

Never mind trying to make an MSNBC moron understand, because she actually asked THIS question in response:

“Living under the threat of rocket attack is certainly a psychological trauma. But what would you say to those who argue that the rockets are essentially very ineffective, they rarely do damage and that the response from Israelis is disproportional to the threat they’re under.”

The rockets are essentially INEFFECTIVE, y'all.  Yep.  Just tell that to the three Israelis who have been killed by them and the hundreds wounded, you inept and heartless moron.

The fact that Oren didn't punch her in the face is enough for me to want to hug him, but instead he attempted another data-filled, very professional,  frame-of-reference-style rebuttal to her stupidity:

“Imagine if one rocket had fallen in the United States and not now since the year 2009, our last operation, we’ve had something in the vicinity of 8,000 rockets fall on the State of Israel. That’s more than twice all of the German rockets that fell on London during World War II. And you saw how the British and Americans reacted to that.”

Mara McMoron goes on to press Oren on how Israel dares to justify firing into Gaza, "one of the most densely populated areas of the world."

I mean, how DARE Israel fight back and not passively wait for those ineffective rockets, right?


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Personally, I think Oren handled Mara McMoron beautifully, with one exception - he should've invited her to Israel to stay for a few weeks, so she could see first hand how ineffective the rockets really are.  

And liberals dare to complain about Fox News.  Wow.  Just wow.

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