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Thursday, 11/15/2012 - 09:24 pm EST

Seriously? Can We Not Do Any Better Than This?

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BEHOLD: this creepy looking dude.

That's GOP Congressman Scott DesJarlais, from Tennessee. He just won re-election, and he's basically EXACTLY the kind of person I wish would STOP representing conservatives. 

He's icky, you guys.  Truly icky.

According to this, Rep. DesJarlais, who is also a doctor, has trouble keeping his penis out of women he's not married to.  Now, I don't mean to suggest he's the first person in office to ever have an extramarital affair.  Obviously, he's one of many, on both sides of the aisle.  But this dude not only had extramarital affairs, he had them with his co-workers (three of them!)  AND HIS PATIENTS (at least two), and because it wouldn't have been fair to leave anyone out, he slept with a vendor (drug rep) too.

I'm not an expert in medical protocols or anything, but I'm pretty sure that's against a WHOLE BUNCH of rules. 

But it gets better. 

In addition to just SLEEPING with his patients, he also wrote fake prescriptions for them, and then, while he was busying himself campaigning as a "consistent supporter of pro-life values," it was discovered that he'd pressured his wife to get two abortions before they were married. 

It's expected that DesJarlais will lose his medical license, but there's no telling what will happen to his job as a Congressman, because somehow it seems that when you're in Congress, you're basically allowed to be the biggest a-hole on the planet and do all sorts of unethical things and continue to get paid for life. By us.

You can't tell me that this guy was the best the GOP could come up with in Tennessee.  I mean, really?  There was no one better than this guy?  OMG.

He is precisely what's wrong with the entire Republican party.  He is an old stodgy white guy who can't keep his junk in his pants, and who preaches to others about values.  He's the reason people are turned away from conservatism. He's the poster child for why Daisy and I are trying so hard to give conservatism a makeover.

Not to mention the fact that WHAT WERE THESE WOMEN THINKING?  Because eeeew.



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