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Thursday, 11/15/2012 - 09:44 am EST

Lena Dunham And Selena Gomez Are Glamour's Women Of The Year. Typical.

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Well, this isn't alarming in the least, but Lena Dunham has been deemed as one of Glamour magazine's "women of the year."  This particular link describes their choices as women with "style and substance."  Because, according to today's "women's" magazines, comparing voting to having sex with the POTUS (and/or dating Justin Bieber for five minutes, in the case of Selena Gomez) equates to having "substance" in this day and age. 

Empowerment.  FORWARD.

Phew.  It's a relief, really.  I mean, it's good to know that impressionable young girls these days don't need to bother aiming higher than their vaginas to be deemed as having American-culture-celebrated "substance" in this life.  Just be whiney, needy, and quirky.  So. Much. EASIER.    

Here's a thought, Glamour morons.  How about honoring someone with ACTUAL substance - you know, maybe someone like a Malala Yousafzai - you remember her, don't you?  She's the young girl who defied the Taliban by GOING TO FREAKING SCHOOL, and was subsequently shot twice for it, and miraculously survived?  I suppose making someone like her a "Woman of the Year" would be going out on a real limb for the Glamour-morons.  Especially when women in the United States are extremely concerned about important, life-altering civil rights and liberties, like how our fellow citizens are trampling our basic freedoms by not paying for our birth control.  The horror.


Indeed, in my own little conservative-woman utopia, American women's magazines would actually honor women that have REAL substance - not the fake kind that you see strutting around on a red carpet and in stupid campaign commercials that have zero class and mega-ICK factor.  But that would require the drones to defy the mindless, liberal-dominated pop culture that defines their pathetic, self-important existence.  And it would also require the "writers" at Glamour to actually sit and think, for once in their shallow lives, about who's done something more brazen than going pantless at some stupid premiere that no normal person gives a rat's ass about:

OMG - pantless?  No WAY!  So incredibly DARING and EMPOWERED, indeed.  

Yeah, Lena Dunhams of the world.  Show your little "Woman of the Year" trophies to a girl who's been shot in the face by REAL oppression.  

I double-dog dare you.

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