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Wednesday, 11/14/2012 - 12:36 pm EST

Nancy McBotox And Her Gaggle Of Democrat Gal Pals Are Offended Again.

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The video below shows NBC's Luke Russert asking Nancy Pelosi if her "decision to run again for Democratic leader prohibits the party from having a younger leadership."  

And the booing hisses from her "progressive" gal pals ensue.

I happen to think that Russert's question is extremely relevant, considering that a lot of Democrats out there thought that Romney was too old to be POTUS.  Is age only a consideration for those who don't inject large amounts of botulism into their craniums?  Does age only apply to dudes in the GOP?  Or is the double-standard now just so commonplace that it's just a knee-jerk-reaction these days for Democrat women to be perpetually offended harpy victims as much as humanly possible?

I'm torn, really.

Poor, victimized McBotox.   Who wants to bet that her surgeon got a call five minutes after this press conference was over?  Anyone?  


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