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Tuesday, 11/13/2012 - 12:40 pm EST

Where Does It STOP?

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According to this, "San Francisco is preparing to become the first U.S. city to provide and cover the cost of sex reassignment surgeries for uninsured transgender residents."


The city's Health Commission voted Tuesday to create a comprehensive program for treating transgender people experiencing mental distress because of the mismatch between their bodies and their gender identities. San Francisco already provides transgender residents with hormones, counseling and routine health services, but has stopped short of offering surgical interventions, Public Health Director Barbara Garcia said Thursday after the vote was announced.

The idea for a new program that included surgeries came out of conversations between public health officials and transgender rights advocates who wanted mastectomies, genital reconstructions and other surgeries that are recommended for some transgender people covered under San Francisco's 5-year-old universal health care plan.

I'm not trying to diminish the anguish that transgenders must feel on a regular basis, but yeah - this is plain WACK.  I mean, I, too, experience frequent "mental distress" because of the mismatch between my actual boobs and the ones on Pamela Anderson's body, which would look WAY better on me, in case you weren't aware.  I also experience mental distress when I realize that I don't have Victoria Beckham's nose.  Or Pippa Middleton's ass.  So, does that mean that someone out there in taxpayer-land needs to buy me some boobs, a new nose, a butt implant, and a gaggle of personal trainers to make me look like someone I wish I was?  Is feeling somehow trapped in the body that God gave me now the FAULT of someone else to the point that they now have the responsibility to PAY for said bad feeeeeeeelings?

Well, the answer to that is yes.  Yes, Daisy, you conservative moron who still believes in that endangered thing called common sense.  Feeeeeeeelings have trumped reason.  And SANITY, apparently.

Now, I know what the bleeding hearts will say. They'll say, "You're a horrible, intolerant MEANIE, Daisy!"  

No.  No, I'm not.  And you can bite me already.

You see, I'm fine with transgenders doing whatever it is they want to make themselves happy in their bodies.  I say GO FOR IT.  Do whatever you need to do to live your best life, but DON'T PLAN ON SENDING ME THE BILL.  What I'm saying is that taxpayers shouldn't bear the responsiblity of their unhappiness and that sex change surgery isn't a NECESSITY to live, breathe, and/or even conquer some sort of disease or malfunctioning organ in one's body.  Feeling "trapped" in the wrong body isn't cancer, people.  It's not heart disease.  It's not diabetes.  It's exactly the same as me feeling trapped in MY heterosexual, female body with the notion that I wasn't built like a Victoria's Secret model.  Boo friggin hoo.  This is not life, death, or even NECESSARY, when it comes down to brass tacks.  This is COSMETIC SURGERY.

If you insist on calling me a meanie, at least do it for the reason of me wanting to understand where in the HELL these demands will stop.  How on God's green earth this sort of liberal, "pay for my crap!" madness WON'T drive us into bankruptcy.  Because seriously, folks.  This is getting beyond ridiculous.  And sex change operations will become taxpayer-funded nose jobs for every insecure 16-year old girl and taxpayer-funded hair restoration procedures for every middle-aged balding guy going through a midlife crisis.  Because it's a very slippery slope.  

Let's take a step back for a second. I pay out the wazoo, monthly, for migraine meds that are necessary for me to actually get up in the morning and hold down a flippin JOB on a daily basis.  Oh yeah, and I have a bum thyroid that doesn't function without some OTHER meds I have to take (and subsequently pay for).  I'm happy to pay for these meds at the expense of other things I have to cut out of my budget, because, well, I'm a GROWN UP, I know that these drugs enhance the quality of my life, and I also realize that it's no one else's responsibility to take care of me but myself.  In all seriousness, it's a privilege for me to live in a country where I actually have ACCESS to such awesomely superior pharmaceuticals and procedures should I WANT them, because at least up until Obama was elected for a second term, things like medical innovation flourished in this country.  They're not cheap.  So, I do a lot of my shoe shopping at Target.  

Here's the thing - there are people right now who are in life-threatening healthcare situations.  You know, paying out of pocket for their cancer treatments, to stay ALIVE.  Right now, there is someone who just experienced a horrific accident and is on life support, who will happily survive and then get a bill for the treatment they're receiving today.  And rightly so.  Because someone was there that paid for umpteen years of medical school who provided them the service of SAVING THEIR LIFE.

Yet we turn to the progressive metropolis that is San Francisco, and its brigade of "progressives" want already-overloaded-and-overburdened taxpayers to pay for sex change surgery.  Because it's somehow OTHER PEOPLE'S responsibility to make transgenders feel better about themselves.  After all, in today's mad, mad, liberal-left-controlled world, it's all about feeeeeeeeelings, right?

Alrighty then.

If you're like me and disagree with this sort of thing, then you'll be branded an intolerant bigot who hates transgenders, because that's how the left rolls these days.  Just FYI.  Never mind the lunacy of this from a fiscal standpoint.  And never mind the reality that the "uninsured" are going to eventually run out of other people's money.  They always do.  They always will.  And the entitlement mentality that's a cancer in and of itself?  Well, there is no pharmaceutical or surgical solution for THAT type of debilitating mental disease.  

Other than economic collapse, of course.  

But someone's feeeeeeeeeelings will be mended in light of that complete collapse.  At least we have that.

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