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Chicks on the Right
Friday, 11/09/2012 - 09:04 am EST

Oh, Newsweak. You Crazy Pinko-Commies, You.....

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In case you haven't seen it yet, here's the post-election Newsweak cover:

Because of COURSE this is what the new cover looks like.  

I personally think that the emporer-like (George Washington?) clothing is extremely apropos, don't you?


I'm not shocked by the cover at all.  I mean, Newsweak has had its nose so far up Obama's ass, it's been as pathetic as Chris McTingly's man-crush for years now.  

Remember this one?

And who could forget the ones where they were so tolerant and unbiased towards the GOP:


Hey - how about that War on Women, huh folks?

And let's not forget how totally HILARIOUS IT IS to make fun of someone's religion in this country (well, unless you're Muslim, that is, because that would be racist, FYI):


But I have to say, my personal fave from Newsweek of all time is this cover, which perfectly sums up its batsh*t crazy-liberal ideologies in one disturbing color spread:


Ah yes.  Newsweek.  Just like Time and every liberal radio enterprise that's crashed and burned, you're dying from the cancer that is your world view.  And I'm not sorry at all to say that when you finally do die your slow, painful death, your silly, "but...but...I'm so HIP!" liberal rag still won't be fit to be crap-liner for my dogs' crates.

Just FYI.

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