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Chicks on the Right
Friday, 12/23/2011 - 03:27 pm EST

Ashley Judd Has A Huge Problem With Fake Boobs

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Ashley Judd went on a fake boob rant on Twitter earlier today. The entire rant (spanned across several tweets as it went over the 140-character limit) was as follows (spelling errors left intact):

"Irony from Laurie Penny in "The Guardian:" Plenty of smart get breast implants just like, a centurey ago, plenty of smart women wore corsets. How wonderful that we now live in an age where expensive, restrictive, potentially lethal underwear has been replaced by expensive, restrictive, potentially lethal dieting, over-exercise, and surgery. The sad thing is many bright, interesting women and girls consider the social rewards of this sort of physcial trauma worth the risk." What do you think about Laurie Penny's commentary?"

Her thousands of followers weren't giving her the response she'd hoped for, so she said this:

This is one of Ashley's favorite topics of late - the media's sexualization of women.

So I responded as follows:

You mean hyper sexualization and commoditization like this?

Because I don't know about you all, but those pictures seem kiiiinda sexualized and commoditized.

Then again, I don't read the dictionary in my spare time like she does.  So perhaps I have the definitions wrong.

I'll let you know if she clarifies.

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