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Sunday, 04/25/2010 - 08:00 am EST

This Was An Actual Indy Star Headline

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In yesterday's paper, in the metro section, a headline read as follows:

"Feet can be used to get to school"

Wow.  Gripping.

The article was all about a local school's efforts to encourage kids to walk or bike to school.  You know, like they did in the olden days.  The days of yore, if you will.

I mean, it's nice, right?  It's nice for parents to encourage kids to get some exercise.

But here's what's ridiculous.  Apparently, parents couldn't manage to encourage this without a GRANT.  The grant was given to the Department of Transportation, and from what I can gather from the article, the grant was then used to "organize a brigade of parents who will walk a large group of students to school."

Wait.  Does this mean that parents are being paid for this?  Because I can't figure out what sort of costs would be associated with "organizing parents" to walk their kids to school.  I mean, if a parent wants their kid to walk to school, they just say, "Hey kid - you're walking to school."  Or, at most, if they want to have a group of kids walk together, it's MAYBE a phone call or two, right?

One happy parent, who sends her kids out the door each day to walk to school, accompanied by her husband, said, about the program, "We love it.  It's been wonderful for the family, for the community."

Say whaa?  Why did it take any amount of community organizing to freaking have your kids walk to school? I wasn't aware that there was a huge societal problem of parents agonizing in their kitchens each day about how in the world they would ever manage to have their kids walk to school without grant money and organization.

But this all ties in very nicely to Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" initiative, which the article makes mention of.

It's community organizing, you guys.  The Obamas are famous for that.

Is anyone else reminiscing about walking-to-school-both-ways-in-the-freezing-cold stories that you heard from your parents/grandparents?  I wonder how in the world they were able to coordinate their walking-to-school efforts without Michelle's Let's Move program.

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