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Thursday, 01/03/2013 - 08:14 am EST

This Is What Liberals Believe. They Believe In FAILURE.

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Liberals can sugar-coat their line of thinking all they want.  They can tell you that you don't know what socialism MEANS and that their warped version of socialism is somehow progressive and compaaaaaaaaaaasionate, you meanie conservative.  But when the political conversation turns to whether or not I, a free American citizen, have the God-given right to pursue whatever goals I want in this life - including becoming filthy rich if I damn well want to - liberals show their true colors.  Democrats show their true colors.

And that color is a nice shade of pinko commie, y'all.  There's just no rationalization of their commie psychoses.  It is what it is.  They don't WANT to say they're commies, but yeah - they are.  

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a phony.  So, just embrace it, commie liberals.  Embrace your comminess already, will ya?

Instead, they do what dudes like Thom Hartmann do.  Thom Hartmann is a liberal talk show radio host.  And yes, liberal radio shows still exist.  (I know.  I laughed my assular area off at that, too.)

You see, Thommie McCommie refers to himself as an "advocate of democratic socialism," which is a convoluted play-on-semantics-way of basically saying that he believes in socialism by means of democratic processes.  Which basically translates to this:  if you can brainwash people enough into thinking that they're not worth more than what the Almighty Government deems them to be, then you can trick them into voting for some utopian common good.  Which basically means that he DOES NOT believe in individuals, but rather believes that an overbearing government has the ultimate power to dictate everything individuals do in their lives.  And this control includes how much money an individual can make in his or her lifetime.

This control is absolute.  Over YOU, your life, your family's lives.  

Government. Freaking. CONTROL.

In the same vein, Thommy McCommie believes that billionaires are somehow CRIMINAL.  And, according to his "progressive" little pea brain, billionaires should somehow be "outlawed."

In other words, an almighty government should decide how much you can make.  They determine how much you as a (once free) individual are WORTH.

Lovely, yes?

Here's what he said on his radio show the other day (if you can stomach the audio, you can listen to his whining tirade here):

I started my rant about billionaires earlier, at the beginning of the hour, let me just finish it really quickly. I think we should have a wealth tax in the United States and I think all wealth over $1 billion should be taxed at the 100 percent rate. If you can't make it on a thousand million dollars, a billion dollars is a million dollars a thousand times, if you can't make it on a billion dollars, well, there is no therefore. There's nobody who can't make it on a billion dollars. So, any wealth over a billion dollars, a hundred percent of it goes to help those of us who have less. You can call it redistribution of wealth, that's fine, I am perfectly comfortable with that language. I think we should outlaw billionaires.

But that's not the extent of his little rant.  He actually RETHINKS his cap on billionaires and ponders putting one in place that is WAAAAY lower than billionaire status.  

Behold the lunacy:

I keep thinking of this, this surgeon who operated on my wife, you know, who took out her breast cancer. And, you know, we sat in this guy's office, he was I would guess in his sixties, a very courtly, gentlemanly, brilliant surgeon, very well regarded, and the guy probably makes three, four hundred thousand dollars a year, I'm guessing. And, and he spent his entire life doing this and he spent, you know, his young adulthood, you know, learning how to do this. And why should anybody make any more money than him?

Sweet mother of commie jackwagons.

This is why I have a hard time "debating" with my liberal friends, you see.  This sort of thinking - which is completely OPPOSITE what America was intended to be and IS, mind you - is what's now engrained in the Kool-Aid-infested frontal lobes of progressive liberals' brains, and frankly, they're beyond rational thought at this point.  So many of them on the left want to not be put in the bucket of socialism or communism, but rather be called compaaaaaaaaaaaasionate.  But what the Democrat platform is today is JUST THAT.  It's socialism on a slope to communism, no matter what kind of fancy progressive bow you want to put on it.  

It's a huge pile of anti-American crap - with a shiny bow of fake benevolence on top of it.

Can you smell it?

This line of thinking is not American.  In fact, it's EVERYTHING BEING AMERICAN IS NOT.  And it's precisely why Mock and I do what we do every day.  Because it's a CANCER, y'all.  And it will eventually kill this beautiful, spectacular, exceptional country of ours.

Messed. UP.

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