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Thursday, 12/13/2012 - 01:40 pm EST

Union Thugs Destroy Man's Hot Dog Business And Call Him Racial Slurs. Because They're Compaaaaaaaasionate Like That.

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Clint Tarver is a hard-working, respected, and loved local man in Michigan who runs a successful hot dog stand near the Capitol.  During this week's Right-to-Work hoopla, he was hired by Americans for Prosperity to serve food in their tent - you know, the one that was torn down by a bunch of union jackwagons and then cut up in to pieces that were so lovingly and compassionately given out as sick, twisted "souvenirs."  He was one of the people attacked in said tent and was also "allegedly taunted when he tried to salvage some of his property."  This is the man's BUSINESS, y'all. 

His account included this statement (per the Lansing State Journal):  

“So, I crawled out of the tent as they cut it. My tables were being spilled and stepped on. It was all just destroyed. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing and seeing,” Tarver said.

And then, in true liberal compaaaaaaaaasionate form, the union thugs started calling him a "nigger" and an "Uncle Tom."  

Because of COURSE they did.

On a side note, did y'all know that those Tea Partiers are raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist?


Anywho, just so you can put a face with a name, watch the video below to see the kind of man that unions have no issue beating up, in addition to women and old people, of course:

Aaaaaaand cue all the lamestream "media" outlets to not have any stories on the news tonight about this or anything related to what jackwipe assclowns the Unions really are.  Again.
Because so many people that pay attention to Reality ARE outraged by Tarver's story, there is now a website where people are donating to get his business up and running again.  If you're looking for a great charity to give to this holiday season, feel free to donate at this site.

Because SCREW YOU, UNIONS.  That's why.
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