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Saturday, 11/24/2012 - 02:31 pm EST

But...But...I Thought Obamacare Would Cure Everything?

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According to this and pretty much anyone with any freakin common sense left in their noggin, Obamacare is going to cause MORE unemployment in this country, as small companies will be forced to cut their workforces.  Who will be some of the hardest hit?  

Those in the restaurant business.

Case in point:  Applebees has frozen its develpment and hiring, and Papa John's will experience layoffs.  Olive Garden and Red Lobster are cutting people's hours, because it'll be cheaper to employ part-timers than it will full-timers.  

I know.  I'm not shocked, either. But I bet some of those folks getting laid off will be, and my first question to them would be, "so, did you vote for Obama?"

Of course, restaurants aren't the only ones feeling the pain of Obamacare.  Boston Scientific is laying off 1400 people and guess what?  They're shipping jobs to China.  And to think, the media has been telling us all along that only eeeeeeeeeevil Mitt Romney would do something as horrific as that.  Go figure.  

Dana Holdings, an auto parts manufacturer, is also going to experience layoffs.  And there are more and more, and there will be even more after that.  

In case you weren't already painfully aware, here's the skinny on why unemployment will skyrocket in the face of Obama's sucktastic socialized healthcare:


Under ObamaCare, employers with 50 or more full-time workers must provide health insurance for all their workers, paying at least 65% of the cost of a family policy or 85% of the cost of an individual plan. Moreover, the insurance must meet the federal government’s requirements in terms of what benefits are included, meaning that many businesses that offer insurance to their workers today will have to change to new, more expensive plans.

ObamaCare’s rules make expansion expensive, particularly for the 500,000 US businesses that have fewer than 100 employees.

Suppose that a firm with 49 employees does not provide health benefits. Hiring one more worker will trigger the mandate. The company would now have to provide insurance coverage to all 50 workers or pay a tax penalty.

In New York, the average employer contribution for employer-provided insurance plans, runs from $4,567 for an individual to $ 12,748 for a family. Many companies will likely choose to pay the penalty instead, which is still expensive — $2,000 per worker multiplied by the entire workforce, after subtracting the statutory exemption for the first 30 workers. For a 50-person company, then, the tax would be $40,000, or $2,000 times 20.

But, you know, unemployment, shunemployment.

Yay free sh*t!


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