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Chicks on the Right
Sunday, 11/11/2012 - 07:36 am EST

This Is Who's Teaching Our Kids, Everyone...

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On October 25th at Montclair State University in New Jersey, there was a neat little debate about Joseph Stalin (and communism), where English professor Grover Furr "denied the systematic mass murders committed under Soviet dictator Josef Stalin."  

Because of COURSE he did.

When asked about what a murdering piece of vile human crap Stalin was, the professor defended the commie dictator and his rule by terror, stating the following to the question-asker in the audience

“What you said is a bulls–t. It’s wrong. It’s a lie. . . . I have yet to find one crime that Stalin committed.”

But the MOST disturbing part of this video is the applause he gets when he goes on his little commie tirade in support of Stalin.  Students in the classroom ACTUALLY APPLAUD THIS COMMIE-LOVING MORON.
The second most disturbing part?  This dude is a freakin' ENGLISH professor.  Whizzah whuzzah?
Now I remember why I quit teaching at the university level a few years ago.  At first, it was because it became exhausting to teach 20-year olds who couldn't write complete sentences and had no business passing high school, frankly.  But then, it became so obvious that college kids these days are so rampantly indoctrinated by an obscene amount of liberal-professors-with-an-agenda that it was like fighting a one-woman losing battle every day for an approximate $6-an-hour payoff, and yeah...I'm a capitalist pig.  
Behold the lunacy, everyone.  Your American university system in action.  And we wonder why college kids chant Obama's name and the parasites have officially outweighed the producers.

Wonder no more.
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