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Tuesday, 10/16/2012 - 08:30 am EST

France Remains On Its Path To "Bergeronification"....

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There France goes again.

The new socialist President, Francois Hollande, is pushing for a ban on homework now.  You see, he doesn't think it's fair "that some kids get help from their parents at home while children who come from disadvantaged families don't."

This line of no-homework thinking isn't new, even though it's somewhat bogus to me, at least.   I had homework, and I survived it. And I don't recall having my parents ever do it for me (except in sewing class, of course - thanks for making that God-awful dress for me, Ma).  The source article says that "research suggests (that homework) doesn't really help young children learn."   And then it cites how, back in the early 1900s, even some morons in the United States thought it was "barbarous" and "caused tuberculosis, nervous conditions and heart disease in the young and that children were better off playing outside." 

Alrighty then.

I suppose that argument could hold some water today if kids actually PLAYED outside.  But I digress.

iPad and XBOX 360, anyone?

While tuberculosis is out of the rationale these days, Hollande's reasoning behind this "no homework" idea is what concerns me the most.  Let me say that again.  It's not the homework itself and/or the merits of continuing your schoolwork beyond set school hours.  This is NOT ABOUT THE HOMEWORK, so spare me a lecture on why you hate it, too.  Please.  

What truly concerns me - and what should concern every freedom-loving person - is the REASON behind banning it altogether.  It's not tuberculosis.  It's not some brutality of 'child labor.'  It's not even that homework is helpful or not helpful.  Hollande's reasoning is that every kid needs to be equal.  Every PERSON needs to be equal.  He wants to do what Obama and Biden (in his debate with Ryan last week) have said THEY want to do in their nauseatingly familiar class warfare narrative - "level the playing field."  You see, through their socialist-utopian rose colored glasses, there are kids who are disadvantaged, and the remedy for this?  The ONLY remedy for a socialist?  Well, it's to get rid of whatever that seemingly advantageous thing is for everyone.  It's to dumb everything down for the lowest common denominator.  It's to make everyone equal, where no one is advantaged at all.  No one is smarter.  No one is special.

I think socialists like to use the word "fairness."  Because it sounds nice and syrupy sweet, doesn't it?

But me (and Mock)?  We call this sort of level-playing-field mentality "Bergeronification."  If you've never read Kurt Vonnegut's book, Harrison Bergeron, you should.  Because what we're seeing play out in France is the complete Bergeronification of a country.

So, no - this is not about the actual homework, per se.  It's about the sentiment BEHIND the homework ban, and to a freedom-loving, free-market, American chick like myself - it's wack.  And if you think that this crap can't and won't happen here, just read this.  And this. And every other post we've ever done on the ever-decaying, taxpayer-funded, government-controlled, and liberal-leaning public education system in America.  And watch the Occubots, armed with their iPhones and Macbooks, call for the lynching of those that have more money than they do.  And listen to anyone in the Obama administration these days talk about "fairness" and a "level playing field."  

Socialism. SUCKS.  

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