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Wednesday, 12/05/2012 - 08:30 am EST

Joann Watson Is Everything That Is Wrong With Democratic Voters

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BEHOLD: Councilwoman Joann Watson, of Detroit, suggesting that since Detroit was stupid enough to vote for Obama again, he should now return the favor and bail the city out. It's as if Joann, and all of her idiotic like-minded liberal friends, think that Obama is going to simply write her a big check from the endlessly growing money tree he has on his unicorn farm, when he's not busying himself with golf or believing that he's the Messiah.

THEY ARE IDIOTS.  A bailout of Detroit, just like the inevitable bailout of the entire state of California, will be paid for by US.  And it will hurt, because we taxpayers don't have access to that money tree.  (Unless of course you do and just haven't told me yet, in which case my email address is listed in the About/Contact section of the menu bar on this page.)

And speaking of Detroit, remember this gem from Crowder that I posted waaaaay back in December of 2009?  It's worth another watch, y'all.  And if that doesn't make you want to punch Detroit's liberal voters in the face, then take a look at this link.  And this one, courtesy of a clever and competent reader.  And further, a Detroit state senator is proposing dissolving the entire city.   

They are the poster city for liberal policies and liberal voting.  And it absolutely PISSES ME OFF that this imbecilic councilwoman wants MORE of our money.



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