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Thursday, 10/18/2012 - 11:08 am EST

Obama's Economy

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According to this, Obama’s grand plan to make as many people totally dependent on government is  moving right along at warp speed.

In fiscal year 2011, it turns out, over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS was spent on federal welfare programs.  In one year, you guys.  Welfare is officially the government’s biggest expense of that year. In fact, between 2008 and 2011, the federal welfare spending increased by THIRTY TWO PERCENT.  Wow.  That’s some impressive work you did there, Obama.  Way to go.

The biggest increase was specifically in food stamp programs, which saw a 71% increase in spending in those same three years.  And there’s no sign of that getting better.  In fact, if Obama is re-elected, it will simply get worse. According to this, Obama has managed to spend about $11 for every $7 we actually have as a country.  Isn’t that fantastic?  The government got almost 2.5 trillion in tax revenue and other payments, but SPENT $3.5 trillion, leaving us a deficit over just over a trillion dollars.  And you know what that doesn’t include?  FREAKING OBAMACARE, which hasn’t even been fully implemented, and which promises to be the most colossally ineffective and expensive bunch of crap ever to be forced on our country.

And you guys – he’s not even out of office yet.  There’s still so much more damage he can do in a few months, let alone another four years.

Oh - and remember last week when he and all of his happy little spokespeople were all excited about the unemployment rate going below 8%?  Yeah.  According to this, the number of new unemployment claims filed by Americans “leapt to the highest level in four months, erasing the large drop reported last week and then some.”  SURPRISE!!!! I guess California finally decided to catch up on the claims they’d ignored the week before.

Anyway, in case it has somehow escaped you, all of the stuff I’ve just mentioned is BAD.  Like, really bad.  And it’s all evidence of the EPIC SUCKAGE that is this president.  He is patently incapable of doing anything positive for this economy, you guys.  He just doesn’t have it in him.

And hopefully, as Gallup indicates, people are finally realizing it.


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