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Sunday, 12/09/2012 - 09:35 am EST

This Liberal Feminazi Is "Creeped Out" By Mitt Romney. Just FYI.

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See this chick?

That's liberal feminist Gina Barecca, and she's buddies with a "humorist" at the Washington Post named Gene Weingarten, who also happened to be the Post's Style editor (HA HA HA HA HA'll see why I'm laughing in a second).  Weingarten did a nasty little hit piece (with his apparent expert-on-men-but-total-feminist-buddy Gina) about how Mitt Romney "creeped out" women voters during the presidential campaign.

Oh, and here's Gene, who apparently gets his style sense from that of David McPornstache and a homeless dude:

Laughter explained.  

Moving on.

If you're so inclined, you can read WeinStylin's little article here.  But I can summarize for you with my own paraphrasing.  Because I'm now fluent in liberal feminazi and Post "journalist".  

You're welcome.  

Here we go:

WeinStylin':  So, single women didn't like Mitt Romney, because he "lost two to one among umarried women!"  And as we liberals know, the election was all about vaginas and birth control and abortions.  HELLO.  And I really wish I was as handsome and dashing and smart and successful as Mitt Romney, so I'm going to passively-aggressively demonize him in my little article here.  Hey - I know - I'll use a chick who presumably hasn't shaved her pits in 26 years to help me illustrate my seething jealousy point.  

So how do YOU feel about Mitt Romney, Gina-the-Feminazi?

Gina-the-Feminazi: "I would sooner go out with Gilbert Gottfried.  I would sooner go out with Mr. Dithers, Dagwood's boss."  Because Mitt Romney would no sooner ask me out than he would YOU, WeinStylin,' and oh yeah - I never got asked to my senior prom, so I hate men.

WeinStylin': But Mitt Romney and guys like him believe in chivalry.  And chivalry is nice, isn't it?

Gina-the-Feminazi:  Hell NO, chivalry isn't nice.  A guy opening a door for me is "infantilizing," (because no guy has ever done that for me, and also because I have the hots for Dagwood's boss).  

WeinStylin': "I'm fine with all this, but I would like to observe that this entire line of analysis - reducing the girl vote into a matter of romantic preference - is not entirely consistent with rigorous feminism."

Gina-the-Feminazi:  Fauxcahontas for President in 2016!

So let's recap, shall we?  

According to liberals, Mitt Romney is "creepy."  But the people depicted in this post are not.

Aaaaaand this is why people become preppers.

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