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Chicks on the Right
Tuesday, 10/30/2012 - 08:11 pm EST

Van Jones Thinks You Should Apologize To Al Gore, You Global Warming Skeptic Meanies, You.

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Van Jones thinks that Hurricane Sandy is proof that Al Gore is the all-knowing, omniscient High Priest of Weather Patterns.  BEHOLD:

Except here's the thing.

According to this, the earth stopped getting warmer 16 years ago.  Whoops.

Apparently, from the beginning of 1997 until August of this year, there has been "no discernible rise in aggregate global temperatures."

Huh.  I'm SHOCKED that there are no main stream media outlets reporting these findings.

The head of the climate science department at Georgia Tech said that the new findings make it clear that the computer models used previously to predict all of this horrible terrible warming were "deeply flawed."

I find it kind of comical that I'm like the least scientific person EVER, and yet I could have saved these silly scientists a heap of effort, by simply telling them to use their Actual Brains and realize whenever Al Gore says something, you should pretty much discount it as total nonsense.

Hope Van Jones isn't holding his breath waiting for those apologies.

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