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Tuesday, 01/22/2013 - 08:08 pm EST

This Dude MAY Know A Thing Or Two About Why The Second Amendment Is Kind Of Important. Just A Hunch.

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All you folks out there who think that the U.S. Constitution is outdated and all those old, crusty white dudes didn't know what they were doing when they wrote that pesky "little book?"  (Yeah, I'm talking to you, Piers Morgan and friends.)

Well, you may want to listen to a person who's actually lived in an oppressed society before you dismiss the importance of silly things like the Second Amendment.  In the case of this video, it's a Tiananmen Square activist-turned American citizen, who just happens to be a huge pile of AWESOME:

What I love MOST about this video?  The comments at the YouTube site.  
Here's one from 'newyorkairsoft':

Right on, same here, formerly Chinese citizen, now proud American gun-owner.

I love my old country, but the communist had utterly destroyed it. I have family members lost everything over night because a local officials wanted it.

If you think your country can't be lost to some crazy none sense like this, we are here telling you: we are refugees of the communist dictatorship, it happened to us.

Anti-gunners: shut up, you had never face real tyranny with a gun to your face.

And here's another from 'ToddOnCapeCod':
Amazing how a man born in China moved to America and became a citizen, and knows more about the intent of our Founders than those who supposedly were born here.
Those are two of many that solidify the fact that America is still the most exceptional place on the planet.  At least until the progressives succeed in ruining it.
Wake up, America.


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