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Friday, 12/07/2012 - 08:33 am EST

Anti-Gun Democrat Gets Arrested For Trying To Take HIS Gun On A Plane. Go Figure.

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Oh, the HYPOCRISY.  In a Democrat legislator.  But I repeat myself.

According to this, state Senator Donne Trotter had to go to court yesterday because he was charged with bringing his .25 caliber Beretta (in his garment bag) onto an aircraft.  He was arrested at O'Hare International Airport this past Wednesday, when security saw the gun via the airport's x-ray.

Senator Trotter is the guy who was reportedly seeking the Congressional seat of another loser just-resigned Jesse Jackson Jr.  Because of COURSE he was.

And here's where this little story gets interesting.

You see, Trotter is a "long-time gun-grabber.  He opposed concealed carry legislation in the state and worked to outlaw so-called assault weapons.  During an unsuccessful Democratic primary bid in 2000 against U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush, he criticized his opponent for missing a special legislative session attacking the right of Illinois citizens to own firearms.  In 1995, Trotter went up against fellow state senator Kirk Dillard after the Republican proposed a concealed carry law.  Trotter argued that passing the law would turn citizens into vigilantes."

Isn't that just so CARING and COMPAAAAAAASIONATE of him?  I mean, I'm sure he was really concerned about the welfare of his lowly constituents.  

And if you believe that, I'd like to sell you some Indiana tidal wave insurance.

So, Trotter is a lot like fellow douche nozzle Bob Costas, where he feels as though it's just AWFUL for us taxpaying, law-abiding, citizens - to exercise our CONSTITUTIONAL right to bear arms.  But for him?  TOTALLY O.K.  And for Costas?  Well, there's absolutely no need for that little boy to worry about such things as protecting himself, because he lives in a gated community that will keep out all those terrible, Second-Amendment-honoring riff-raff.  You know.

Hats off to you, Donne McDouche!  You're today's raging liberal hypocrite of the day.  


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