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Chicks on the Right
Wednesday, 12/05/2012 - 09:27 am EST

According To Costas' Buddy Jason Whitlock, The NRA Is The New KKK. Who Knew?

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Jason Whitlock, the liberal muse for Bob Costas' guns-are-evil-but-people-aren't rant the other night, believes that it's his responsibility to talk about the "real world" and "open people's eyes."  (Y'all have no idea how much it amuses me when these liberal-la-la-land "journalists" like to talk about the "real world".)  He also has some pretty strong feelings about the NRA.  And in his narrow little mind, he believes that the NRA is arming and SUPPLYING BLACK COMMUNITIES WITH GUNS.  Oh yeah - and DRUGS, too.


He actually believes this, and then says it out loud, as if it's actually true.  Which makes me wonder why he isn't working for MSNBC right now.

Behold the liberal lunacy:

And the Bob Costas' of the world presumably believe this, too, seeing as how they believe that inanimate objects kill people, yet the people behind those objects have zero accountability.
Because isn't that one of the liberal left's foundational beliefs?  That people aren't accountable.  Ever.
Except for when those people are ones who believe in the United States Constitution, that is, or they're conservatives who believe in personal responsibility and that silly thing called freedom, and....well....they're...
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