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Chicks on the Right
Monday, 12/03/2012 - 05:55 am EST

Bob Costas - You, Sir, Are A Moron.

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So, you've no doubt heard about how Jovan Belcher, NFL player for the KC Chiefs, shot and killed the mother of his 3 month old baby and then committed suicide over the weekend.

Bob Costas used that horrible incident to PROMOTE GUN CONTROL last night on national television, you guys.  BEHOLD:

This is just SICK AND WRONG. "If Jovan didn't possess a gun, he and his girlfriend would be alive today?!?!?!?"


If Jovan meant to go kill his girlfriend this weekend, and he didn't possess a gun, then you'd have to be a complete idiot to think he wouldn't have simply found another way to kill her.  He would have stabbed her, or bludgeoned her with some sort of heavy object, or drugged her, or whatever else - because he MEANT TO KILL HER.

This isn't rocket science, people.  It's that thing that liberals just profoundly lack - common sense.

And obviously, a total disregard for the 2nd amendment.


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