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Saturday, 11/10/2012 - 08:31 am EST

Apparently, My Second Amendment Right To Purchase A Firearm Is Now A Mockable "News" Item For The Washington Post

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Ah yes.  The mocking, gloating, post-Obama-win articles from that pathetic joke we lovingly know as the lamestream media.  Such gracious winners they are.

This article is one by the Washington Post - one of those blatant left-wing rags that is underhandedly making fun of a retired couple in Florida because, well, they voted for Romney, Romney lost, and now they're buying guns.  Because they're moronic, right-wing nutjobs like that, of course.

Here are some exerpts from the article, which reads more like a condescending profile of two insane people than actual "news."  But, we're talking about the typical American media here, so, well, DUH:

After gathering her (Romney) signs Wednesday morning, Emma went to her computer. First she scanned it for spyware. “Hackers were very busy last night,” she said. Her second order of business was dropping Fox News as her home page, annoyed with the network for pitching in the towel so early and calling Obama the winner. Her new home page: the Blaze, the Glenn Beck-run news site.

About 6:30 a.m., the Runions kept their habit of going to the gym. Emma wore a hot-pink top. John, 65, a retired licensed electrician and union man, wore a T-shirt with an American flag on it. They rode to the gym in John’s brown Ford truck. At the gym, Emma made no apologies for trying to persuade her fellow gym­goers to vote Republican.

...Back home — they retired to Valrico, east of Tampa, in 2008 — Emma put on her apron and sprayed a skillet with Pam for scrambled eggs. John looked at the newspaper for the Cryptoquote puzzles he likes. Emma pulled open her pantry. “We are not preppers,” she said, revealing a normal food closet instead of one preparing for anarchy. Canned pears. Canned pumpkin. Sugar. Peanut butter. Dog treats. There was no survival food, but they were planning on stocking up on guns and ammo. “We’ll probably get a long gun and a short gun,” Emma said. “We’ve already got our concealed carry permits; we just need to be finger­printed.” That last step washe one that made her hesitant. “Once you are registered, they know who you are. Most firearms now are chipped” for tracking.

Of course, the liberal commenters jumped on the tracking comment (because guns are NOT, in fact, chipped), and they quickly preyed on what this article is - a condescending, mocking hit piece on what the left would like to stereotype the right as being - a bunch of old, white, paranoid, gun-toting loons who are waiting for the next revolution.  And those commenters predictably jumped on the mocking bandwagon, agreeing wholeheartedly with the author for pointing out what paranoid morons Republicans all are.  

Good job in being original, Post.  Excuse me while I yawn incessantly.

Listen up, liberals.  After four years of having our website out here in Internet-political-blog-land, I've been called every name in the book by you. Every name IMAGINABLE.  Mock and I have also been the recipients of explicit death threats (with bonus torture details!) - you know, from that side of the fence that is supposedly SANE, open-minded, compassionate, and educated.  You remember them...they're the ones who love nothing more than to compartmentalize me and the rest of the conservatives in this country as extreme and wacked out - just to appease their own shortcomings.  It's what bullies do.  

So. Very. Textbook.

So yeah - it's not so much being painted as a nutcase that bothers me.  Democrats will ALWAYS paint me as a nutcase, because I'm a woman,  I'm a conservative, and I personally don't "fit" with their bullshit narrative, let alone Washington Post writer Anne Hull's. It goes with the territory, and I can take it, because I'm stronger than my liberal female counterparts. I have to be.  After all, I'm the one demonized in this country, because I don't need a government sugar daddy to pay for my birth control.  I'm not a perpetual victim.  Truth.  

But the gun thing?  Since when did it become a mockable notion to purchase and have firearms?  To exercise my Second Amendment rights granted by the United States Constitution?  To me, that's like making fun of someone for voting.  The Constitution and the rights guaranteed within it - it's why America is a huge slice of awesomesauce.  It's precisely what our Founding Fathers intended.  And for the left to make fun of those intentions?  Those RIGHTS?  Our Constitution?  

THAT, my friends, is what's off-the-charts wack.  That is what blows my mind about the left.  It's as if they have ZERO regard for what our Founding Fathers intended.  See Dear Leader for more information on that.

I just wish that the author would've highlighted someone like me for her stupid little hit-piece article, frankly.  I would've been happy to invite her into my home.  I mean, it's so much easier to just make fun of elderly people in Florida, rather than come to my house, where I would've been thrilled to show her my well-adjusted American family, my Louboutin and handbag collection, my diplomas, and my right-wing normalcy, in addition to my lifetime license to carry and my arsenal of LEGAL weapons.  I would've been thrilled to have some of my gay, black, and Hispanic friends over to be part of the interview as well.  You know, just to make her head explode a bit (the HORROR).  Perfectly HAPPY to do it.  

But alas, no one at the Post called me for an interview.

Anne Hull and her buddies at the Washington Post wouldn't do such a thing, because doing so would've been a deviation from the grand ol' propaganda show.  I'm their worst nightmare, after all, and God knows that these jackwagons would rather live in their happy place of stereotyping and bullying from that safe, warm, la-la land, lamestream media pulpit....never questioned....always agreed with by the sheeple masses.

Those of us with Actual Brains know better, chick.  But nice try anyway, Post.  You pathetic, laughable excuse for a news outlet.

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