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Wednesday, 11/07/2012 - 07:45 pm EST

Remember All Those Foreign Folks Coming Over Here To "Observe" Our Election?

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Foreign "election officials" from more than 60 countries observed our presidential election as "part of a program run by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES)."

And guess what they found to be the most WACK about our election?  That we DON'T REQUIRE IDs TO VOTE.  Go figure.  That's odd to foreigners, yet it's raaaaaaaaaaaaaacist and meeeeeeean to the liberal left in this country.

"Voters can vote by mail, sometimes online, and there's often no way to know if one person has voted several times under different names, unlike in some Arab countries, where voters ink their fingers when casting their ballots.

The international visitors also noted that there's no police at U.S. polling stations.  In foreign countries, police at polling places are viewed as signs of security; in the United States they are sometimes seen as intimidating."

What else did they notice?  Well, it's weird that we have different voting systems in different states, and that when such inconsistency occurs in other countries, "fraud or abuse" is assumed.  Also, there aren't any authorities to ensure that proper voting procedures are being carried out.  Additionally, local poll workers are basically given responsibility of all the ballots, which is scary, considering that local poll workers are not exactly non-partisan.  

So, let's recap, shall we?  Basically, emerging democracies such as Tunisia, Indonesia, Russia, Nigeria, and Yemen have more of a freakin' clue about fair and lawful democratic election processes than we do.  

And they're obviously all racists.  


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